Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hema Malini Hot Gallery

Hema Malini is nice and hot south Indian actress has now changed her name back to original name Shruti Prakash. Sheacted two films in Tamil and get creative reputation as glam-doll a big part of the body, the suspension in a suit, bikini, sleeveless T-shirts, short skirts, etc. She is also very cute chubby actor. This is a short biography and photo gallery.

South Indian actress Hema Malini should not be confused with the past, Bollywood actress Hema Malini. Despite the fact that the former actor has acted in several South Indian films and movies in Hindi, a new perspective on South Indian actress to speak here. The original name was Hema Malini Shruthi Prakash. But she acted in her first film Indira Vizha and the name of Hema Malini.

Actress Hema Malini has received no offers of good films. So far, only if a supporting actor or mainly from the Tamil film producers role.She used a little spice or spice mix for the title belt. This exacerbates the glorious film shows scenes of this kind of small players wear bikinis, short skirts, swimwear, sweaters are so many in the body, without exposed to a completely naked. Some actors who can not wait until their talent in a good role to demonstrate in a movie, maybe get to stay at this kind of way for the people in her body. In general, the comedy scenes with romantic scenes or songs irrelevant to the plot, but little entertainment to the public on a low budget film.

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